Common Statute of Limitations in Georgia

As much as we may try to avoid them, disputes happen.  If you find yourself or your business involved in a dispute or other situation which could give rise to a claim, it is important to take [...]

Georgia Secretary of State Changes to Protect Business Owners

As a Georgia business owner, your entity name and business address are of public record. Unfortunately, this can and has lead to an increased number of scammers using this information for solicitation purposes. These [...]

Brian Burkhalter Awarded Georgia’s Exclusive Construction Law Expert

We are proud to announce that Burkhalter Law founder, Brian Burkhalter, has been selected as the exclusive Construction Law expert in Georgia by Leaders in Law. Brian is an experienced construction and litigation attorney, [...]

Limitation-of-Liability Clauses for Business Owners

Limitation-of-liability clauses are important tools that business owners use to limit and allocate risks in commercial relationships. Business owners and their counsel should always consider the potential liability find ways to reduce exposure.  Limiting liability can [...]

Potential Pitfalls in Opening a Joint Business Account

In opening a business account, like most things in life, the convenient option is not always the best option.  Particularly if you are considering a joint account with one or more partners, it is [...]

Best Practices for Litigation Matters

As a business owner, you may encounter disputes or situations where litigation is needed to protect rights and/or pursue recovery. Alternatively, you may have to defend against litigation.  There are a few basic steps to follow [...]

Can you secretly record a conversation in Georgia?

Before you secretly record any phone or in-person conversation, you should consider what law may apply and the potential ramifications.  Depending on the state, you could face criminal penalties for not obtaining the consent [...]

Are Settlement Communications Confidential?

Business owners involved in disputes often attempt to engage in communications with an opposite party to reach a resolution prior to engaging counsel and further escalation.  Even after a dispute has crossed the line [...]