Starting and owning a business means addressing a litany of legal concerns: how to form and register the legal entity, how to protect intellectual property, and how to protect members of the business from individual liability. An oft-overlooked, but essential, item on this list is one our Firm provides to clients with Georgia entities for free: registered agent service. 

A registered agent accepts formal documents on behalf of a business. These include subpoenas, legal summonses, tax forms, and correspondence from the Secretary of State. A business registered with a State Secretary of State must, at all times, have a registered agent who is available during business hours at a known address.  

A professional registered agent offers value by providing reliable and confidential management of formal documents so that entrepreneurs are free to focus on growing their business. Contact us to learn more about this service and how we can help you navigate the process of starting a new business or protecting your current one. The deadline for filing annual business registrations is April 1, 2021.