The Georgia Uniform Mediation Act Provides More Certainty to Domestic and International Mediations in Georgia

With enactment of the Georgia Uniform Mediation Act (“GUMA”), O.C.G.A. § 9-17-1 et seq., effective July 1, 2021, Georgia stands out as an attractive location for resolution of domestic and international commercial disputes.  In [...]

Thank You From Burkhalter Law!

As 2021 comes to a close, the team at Burkhalter Law would like to thank our business owner clients and advisors for the trust they have placed in our firm to manage their legal needs.  We [...]

Burkhalter Law Team Expansion

We are excited to announce the expansion of Burkhalter Law with paralegal, Laura Burnett! As we continue to build upon our team, we remain dedicated to providing unmatched client service coupled with practical advice and [...]

Contractors: Avoid Losing Lien Rights on Construction Projects

As a contractor performing work in Georgia, it is imperative to stay on top of Georgia’s statutory lien framework in the event any payment issues arise.  Georgia lien law requires specific steps with deadlines.  [...]

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A Cautionary Tale About Designating Beneficiaries of 401(k) Accounts

Most 401(k) retirement plans are governed by the Employment Retirement Act of 1979 (“ERISA”).  If you are married and want to leave your retirement benefits to anyone other than your spouse, did you know [...]

What to Look For Prior to Signing a Construction Contract

Unnecessary disputes can arise out of poorly drafted construction contracts, regardless of your level of sophistication. This is particularly true right now given supply-chain issues and the ever-rising cost of materials. Three points arise [...]

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